Nekrist biography

Demonic propaganda under the name of Nekrist comes from yet unknown country to the underground scene called Croatia. They started their work 5 years ago in a small town called Slavonski Brod. Original line-up was made by Kletvenik, Poganin and Krvolok. They kept the whole idea of Nekrist moving for around 2 years and back in 2007 Verg joined the band as a very enthusiastic and dedicated drummer that made Nekrist sound so demonic and brutal. Same year in summer, after Verg joined the band, they recorded first demo CD-r called "Anti-Human" released by a small underground label "Winterhell Distribution". Lyrics and the whole concept of the band were based on the demonology and misanthropy which is accompanied by very agressive and hateful black metal.

Nekrist was very active in the year 2008 which resulted a two releases; demo release called "Slava Satan" and split with death/thrash band called Overlord. Both of the releases were financed by the bands and printed on a CD-r. During the same year Nihilist overtakes his role as a bass player. In 2008 and 2009 Nekrist managed to set up some live shows on the unholy grounds of Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina. At the end of the year 2009 Krvolok and Nihilist decided to leave the band. Their loss was a cause of a private nature.

In spring of the year 2010, now line-up of only three members (Kletvenik on vocals, Poganin on all the guitars and Verg on drums), Nekrist started to work on their album. They entered the studio "Armageddon" at the beginning of the summer. After the recording sessions "Dux Deus" was efficiently finished as the band's first album and then some negotiations started with label "Death to mankind".

In October some session members were found for live shows which will result as a Nekrist to be fully active band. Nekrist don’t support any political shit and modern life style. War against de-generation and religion cancer will be continued!

Anti-Human (2007)   
Slava Satan (2007)   
Live at Carpe Diem / Black Metal Hate (2008)   
Dux Deus (2010)