Bestial Torture (Fin)

Bestial Torture stands for real blackened thrash metal in the vein of such acts as Sodom and Bathory, mixed with australian metal like Deströyer 666 and Gospel of the Horns. Bestial Torture was formed in year 2007, when Sepulchral Desekrator(guitar) was looking for members to form a bestial thrash metal squad. Far from the current trend of Kreator-ripoffs and thrash. He met Aggressor Perverssor (vocals) in a local heavy metal bar (Rusty Angel) and asked him if he had any interest in doing attacking vomits. Sepulchral Desekrator had already two insane and evil songs ready. Aggressor Perverssor wrote lyrics and about the same time the drummer from Aggressor Perverssor,s former band joined in. So Tuska (drums) found his way to this hellish ritual act. Next they were looking for someone to do sounds from the underground. Aggressor Perverssor asked his friend Satanik Desaster(bass), which he already knew from local deathrash metal band, Joukkomurha. Satanik Desaster agreed and then they had their first rehearsal ritual. Bestial Torture did three rehearsals and then entered Adamantium Studios to record their first blasphemous studio tracks and everything went hell. Two blackened, insane and totally bestial thrash songs were recorded and those tracks can now be heard!
Members: AGGRESSOR PERVERSSOR - Blasphemous Chants SEPULCHRAL DESEKRATOR - Six String Storms SATANIK DESASTER - Low Frequency Ritual TUSKA - Pounding Grave Desecration
Influenced by: Assassin, Bathory, Dark Angel, Destruction, Deströyer 666, Evil Angel, Exodus, Flame, Gospel Of The Horns, Kreator, Nifelheim, Razor, Razor Of Occam, Sacrifice, Sodom, URN, Vectom, Venom, Vomitor, Witchtrap, Destruction, Kreator, Sodom, Bewitched, Flame, Impaled Nazarene, Venom.

* Blackened Metal Damnation 2008    
 * Hellthrashing Warriors   2009