Totten Korps biography

Totten Korps was born in 1989 in Santiago, Chile. Its first demo was recorded at REC studios in 1990. It contains 4 songs and was called "The King of Hell Reclaims His Throne" and received a good response from the national underground scene, even mails of support were received from the most recondite places on the planet.

In 1991, after several gigs through various cities in Chile, Totten Korps decided to record a second demo called "For the Infernal Insurrection", the demo was recorded at Procor studios that contained an intro, 2 songs and an outro. This demo did not have an excellent quality of sound, but a dark and brutal sound and it already defined the line that the band would take until today.

In 1992, "Our Almighty Lords" EP is recorded that contains 5 songs and was released 1 year later as mini CD by Hellion Records (Brazil). Totten Korps obtained a great reputation in the worldwide underground scene because of this release.

In mid-1994 the band suffers a recess, till then indefinitely then Fernando Toro, Francisco Torres and Gerardo Valenzuela decided to reform Totten Korps again in 1998, but giving a more technical and mystical touch at the same time, adding a touch of brutality and speed not seen before in Chilean bands. The new line-up: Fernando Toro (Guitar), Gerardo Valenzuela (Vocal), Francisco Torres (Guitar), Cristian Ortiz (Bass) and Sergio Aravena (Drums).With this line-up Totten Korps got signed by Repulse Records and they recorded their first album in the summer of that year with a production technically unacceptable, both band and label decided not to release this recording.

After a while Francisco Torres decided to leave Totten Korps and Gerardo Valenzuela left the band too, so the new line-up was Cristian Soto (Darmoniac) and Fernando Toro (Guitars), Cristian Ortiz (Bass/Vocals) and Sergio Aravena (Drums), Totten Korps finally recorded its first full-length called "Tharnheim" Ati-Lan-Nhi, The Cyclopes Crypts of Citadels" in January 2000. It was recorded at H.I.T. Studios by Claudio Torres and mastered at CLIO studios by Joaquin Garcia. This album full of Brutal and Dark Death Metal of high quality was released in May 2002 and Totten Korps popularity increased around the world because of this album that was well-reviewed.

During late 2005, Totten Korps suffers new line-up changes for many reasons and there is another recess on the activities of the band. Luís Salgado (Ex Magnanimus) joined Totten Korp with whom the band played in several shows in Santiago and other cities, but there were reasons which did not belong to the essence of the band and Luís Salgado was dismissed and a frontman selection process began. After several months it was decided to reaccept Ricardo Reyes.

In 2008, Sergio Aravena left the band. Totten Korps did not have a Drummer for almost a whole year when Pedro Sazo (Bellum - Occassus - Siaskel) joined the band in December 2009 also Andrés Peña (Sadax) joined Totten Korps since Ricardo Reyes left the band because of personal reasons. In August 2010, Fernando Toro left the band and Miguel Briones (Cadaverous Incarnate) Bass joined Totten Korps.

The band is currently in the process of recording a 4 song EP to record their second and long-awaited full-length in February 2011.

Rehearsal 1989 (1989)   
The King of Hell Reclaims His Throne (1990)   
For the Infernal Insurrection (1991)   
Our Almighty Lords (1992)   
Tharnheim: Athi-Land-Nhi; Ciclopean Crypts of Citadels (2001)   
The King of Hell Reclaims His Throne (2007)