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Scythe of Death Productions
Newsletter III

Tonight, across Northern Europe, the pyres of the Walpurgis night enlighten the immense nocturnal sky.
In the flames dwells the destructive essence of the Black One - Surtr - the destroyer of worlds!
By this prominent moment of Germanic tradition Scythe of Death Productions proudly presents the official release of:
"Weraldion Testautaz"
demo cassette
(SDP 011)
This pro-produced release comes on a black cassette with red on-body-print and with a magnificent full colour inlay in honour of the Lord of Múspellsheimr. In audio you will get a scorching invocation of annihilation memorised during a rehearsal in the Boreal spring of MMVIII in Smalandia, Sweden.

This first manifest of Surtr recites the following galdrs:
Side Kenaz:
1. Världsförstöraren       ('The destroyer of worlds')
2. Jakten       ('The Hunt')
Side Isaz:
3. Tiden är vävd till dess slut       ('The time is woven until it's end')
4. De af ondo       ('They of evil')

An excerpt is up on the SDP-page!
This tape musical manifest the very essence of Múspellsheimr through brutal, raw, thrashy and aggressive Black Metal.
Friends of bands like Beherit, Profanatica, Blasphemy, Von, Black Witchery and similar acts,
must get hold of this incinerating piece of dark Teutonic art! This is only the prelude to the prophecy to come:
'Surtr fares from the south - with the scourge of branches,
The sun of the battle-gods - shone from his sword (...)'
(Völuspá 52)
The future will reveal more charred assaults from the horde of the Black One.
Prepare yourself by buying this audible fire sword of destructive art!
Order it from Scythe of Death Productions for:
50 SEK / €5 / US$ 8
+ shipping
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