Iron Hammer Zine #4 and Poisoned Demo 2011 out now!!!

Iron Hammer Zine/Bloodmonk Rite Productions proudly announces:

Iron Hammer #4 finally out now!!! Also POISONED - ''Rising From Darkness'' Demo 2011 Pro Tape out now through Bloodmonk Rite Prods and Morbid Jehovah Productions.

Iron Hammer #4 out now!!!

Once again Iron Hammer 'zine has summoned the eternal storms of the underground to give birth to the 4th bastard of true Metal witchery and marks the fourth rusty nail into the bastard's extremities!!!

Engraved in 68 (A5) traditional c'n'p pages, Iron Hammer #4 will bestow the maximum of reading content upon the Black/Death/Thrash & Heavy Metal devils. As always, everything attacks in fuckin' English!!!

Expanded and in-depth interviews with:
Bestial Raids, Doombringer, Cruel Force, Goat Tyrant, Nocturnal Vomit, Funerary Bell, Manzer, Hatespawn

Besides, 130+ reviews, zine reviews and weird live reports complete the madness....!

Issue #4 is available for:
3 Eur (Germany)
6 Eur/9 USD (Rest of the world)
including shipping costs


Iron Hammer Zine
c/o: Marius Greza
Kirchbergstr. 41
72178 Waldachtal

POISONED - ''Rising From Darkness'' Demo 2011 out now!!!

First demo of Poisoned from Poland which embodies nothing more and nothing less than pure, corrosive and bloody Death/Thrash like it can only be created in murky underground tombs. Featuring members of mighty Goat Tyrant.

Four heavy tracks of rough power, violent riff massacres and barbaric skin beating carved in rusty steel. Think of early Sodom, Poison, Slaughterlord or recent shit like Vomitor and you get an idea about this band's enormous ferocity.

Demo is delivered to the hordes in professional manufactured tape edition with illustrated booklet. Released in unholy conspiracy of Morbid Jehovah Productions (Pol) and Bloodmonk Rite Productions (Ger).

Get your copy for:
4 Eur (Ger/Pol)
6 Eur/9 USD (world)
including shipping cost

Iron Hammer Zine/
Bloodmonk Rite Productions
c/o: Marius Greza
Kirchbergstr. 41
72178 Waldachtal

Morbid Jehovah
c/o Piotr Wizer
Woj. Polskiego 58A/4
67-100 Nowa Sol