Iron Skull - Promo 2010
This is a brutal hard heavy stab in the eye (or asshole)of any false happy Heavy Metal fans like Stratovarious and similar fag bands since these Malaysia Heavy Metal Maniacs display old Metal artillery plus some METALUCIFER sound. It's really obvious Japanese Samurais of Metal are considered influence by Iron Skull members. It sounds raw and underground so don't expect really clean and soft audio, but this can be improved in their future releases in an acceptable way. This is a short promo/demo containing 3 songs (Heavy Metal 666, Sabaphomet Metal Bastard, *Hellhound [cover]). Too bad it's too short to headbang your neck of steel and skull of iron. It's limited to 100 copies and probably you can't get any right now, but surely there will be more soon. Hope there're more Malay or any other East Asian bands playing in that old skull and not in the gay way like European bands which pollute the old and ancient legacy of Heavy Metal.
Contact: ironskullkrusher AT yahoo DOT com