Nuclearhammer / Begrime Exemious - Heretical Serpent Cult

Nuclearhammer / Begrime Exemious - Heretical Serpent Cult
Nuclearhammer side info:
Tracks 1-3 are brand new songs. Track 6 is comprised of two Discharge covers taken from a previous split the band did with Deiphago (Excharge, 2011) and were originally two separate tracks.

Begrime Exemious side info:
Tracks 7-12 contain the band's 2007 demo which feature their original vocalist, B. Leland. Up until this split, this version of the demo has never been released.

Layout by Tim from Antediluvian with cover art by Danille Gauvin (Adversarial, Necrovorous, etc.).

01 Nuclearhammer - Storms of Wrath
02 Nuclearhammer - Crypts of Perversity
03 Nuclearhammer - Barbwire / Intensifier
04 Nuclearhammer - Shotgun Justice (Razor cover)
05 Nuclearhammer - One Foot in the Grave (Slaughter cover)
06 Nuclearhammer - A Hell on Earth / Cries for Help (Discharge cover)    
07 Begrime Exemious - Crooked Serpent
08 Begrime Exemious - Horns of Baphomet
09 Begrime Exemious - Beneath the Cursed Ruins
10 Begrime Exemious - The Horny Lord    
11 Begrime Exemious - Droll Asphyxiation via Visceral Noose
12 Begrime Exemious - Electric Funeral (Black Sabbath cover)